Credit Card Service

Authorized by the largest platform in the US, First Data Company, providing various payment services and value-added services to merchants, making transactions safer and more convenient! It allows restaurants and retail enterprises to process face-to-face card payments in real-time at the point of sale, while reducing the software supplier for sensitive data processing for cardholders and merchants. HonorPOS integration makes it easier and faster for POS to process payments based on the unique needs of the business.


1、The largest platform in the US, First Data Company
2、The lowest interest rate in the US
3、No contract term
4、Cancel without any fee
5、English and Chinese 24-hour service
6、Support for credit card machine portability
7、Free machine repair and replacement
8、Free EMV credit card machine
9、Supports credit card processing with computer software
10、Supports APPLE PAY
11、Zero Monthly Fee Plan for Merchants