Honor POS PAD Ordering System

The Honor POS PAD ordering system fully supports all the functions of the Honor POS PC version and is compatible with IOS and windows platforms. It can perfectly connect with printers, credit card swipers, and other devices. Turn your PAD into a mobile computer, enabling mobile ordering and fast checkout, improving operational efficiency.

Suitable for: dine-in restaurants, take-out restaurants, self-service restaurants, tea shops, seafood restaurants, ice cream shops, supermarkets, and convenience stores.


1. Personalized design for high-end customer experience, greatly improving the image of the restaurant.
2. Picture display for easy customer understanding of dishes and restaurant.
3. Direct ordering to the kitchen, simplifying the process and making it convenient and accurate.
4. Order or change orders anytime, anywhere, with information directly sent to the kitchen.
5. Save time in running orders and effectively prevent order confusion.
6. Seamlessly synchronized with the Honor POS dining system host.
7. Reduce service costs and adjust prices, change menus, and update content at any time.