Order and Cash Register System

The Honor POS order and cash register system is perfect for industries such as restaurants, supermarkets, beauty salons, etc. With its simple and user-friendly operation logic and flexible menu settings, it also supports bilingual switching. It supports incoming call display and automatically calculates the delivery distance through the delivery address. It supports inventory management. The detailed reports also allow you to have a good grasp of the operational status and support mobile reports, allowing you to remotely view the business status in the store.

Perfectly Suitable: Dine-in Restaurant, Takeout Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant, Tea Shop, Seafood Restaurant, Ice Cream Shop, Supermarket, Convenience Store

Honor POS PAD Ordering System

The Honor POS PAD ordering system fully supports all the functions of the Honor POS PC version and is compatible with IOS and windows platforms. It can perfectly connect with printers, credit card swipers, and other devices. Turn your PAD into a mobile computer, enabling mobile ordering and fast checkout, improving operational efficiency.

Suitable for: dine-in restaurants, take-out restaurants, self-service restaurants, tea shops, seafood restaurants, ice cream shops, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

QR Code Self-Ordering System

The QR Code self-ordering system combines with mobile internet and is associated with the restaurant's computer ordering system. The restaurant allows customers to complete part of the process on their own, reducing unnecessary manual intervention during the process and improving operational efficiency.

Perfect for: dine-in restaurants, take-out restaurants, self-service restaurants, milk tea shops, seafood shops, ice cream shops, supermarkets, convenience stores.

Honor Online Order System

The Honor Online Order System customizes an online ordering platform for you with exquisite images that bring an unprecedented online ordering experience to your customers. The Online Order System is also deeply integrated with the Honor POS order and checkout system, and the entire ordering, payment, and billing process is fully automated without any manual intervention. The Online Order System also supports WeChat order taking function, which can still ensure order taking without missing orders even in the case of network interruption in the store.

Perfect fit: Dine-in restaurants, takeout restaurants, self-serve restaurants, tea shops, seafood restaurants, ice cream shops, supermarkets, convenience stores

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