About HonorPOS

HonorPOS is a computer company that integrates intelligent cash register and ordering systems, touch-screen devices, online ordering platforms, credit card terminal services, and other value-added services. The company's business covers industries such as catering, retail, supermarkets, and manicure. It provides efficient and fast cash register and ordering modes for bosses in the catering, retail and other industries, improves ordering efficiency, enhances customer comfort, and integrates a whole set of solutions that combine software and hardware with the Internet to solve various problems such as cash register, ordering, marketing, and management.

With the support of artificial intelligence technology, hardware and software technology, and supporting product services, Honor Computer integrates advanced technological concepts, such as take-out management platforms, order management, intelligent ordering, operation management, and data analysis, to save costs to the greatest extent possible, improve efficiency, and facilitate daily business management.

Honor Computer is renowned in North America for its excellent product quality and high-quality after-sales service. It has an excellent technical team and professional after-sales service team, which provides exclusive services 24/7 to answer questions, solve all technical problems, and protect your business.

Honor puts customers first, and your satisfaction is our success.

Enterprise Vision:To improve value with quality and become the best-quality ordering computer company in the United States.
Mission: To provide the best-quality products and the most convenient services for catering in the United States.
Values:Trust, Respect, Faith, High Standards.