Homey Hot Pot

Homey Hot Pot is a type of hot pot dish that is cooked and served on the spot. It is spicy, salty, fresh, and oily but not greasy. It can make you sweat profusely and feel extremely happy, while also helping to alleviate stress and humidity. It is suitable for people of all ages. The ingredients used in hot pot include various types of meat, seafood, vegetables, balls, and more.

  • Store : 1
  • Equipment: 2 computers, 2 printers
  • Advantages of the HonorPos system:
    • Honorpos supports automatic order taking on platforms, and integrates with third-party platforms such as Ubereat, DoorDash, and Grubhub.
    • It supports self-ordering by scanning QR codes, and orders are automatically sent to the kitchen, saving on labor costs.
    • It has a powerful order splitting function, supporting various splitting methods.
    • The inventory management system allows for effective cost management.
    • Other features such as employee clock-in, payroll calculation, report viewing, membership points management, and remote management system provide a comprehensive understanding of the restaurant's operations.